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Lewisburg, Ohio 45338
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Lewisburg, Ohio will be celebrating 200 years of existence in 2018 – which is something we all are fortunate enough to experience.  Decades of history, growth and development have been changing the community we live within, as well as shaping our perception of the future.  It’s not every day that you get to celebrate your 200th birthday, but in September 2018, the Village of Lewisburg will reach this milestone and plans are already underway to commemorate the occasion.


Even though September 2018 seems far away, we are starting to create a full schedule of events to mark this milestone occasion; therefore requiring a great deal of advance planning. We are seeking to establish subcommittees to work on various aspects of several events. Organizers are working to include the Harrison Township community in this event as well.  We are looking for creative suggestions to help benefit this extremely important project, so please, invite a friend to take a part in this meeting and celebration.  Lewisburg's 2018 Bicentennial Celebration aims to honor our Village’s 200-years of history, and the businesses and organizations would represent what Lewisburg is all about. 

We would like to invite you to attend one of our 2018 Bicentennial Informational Meetings, which fall on the third Monday of every other month.  The meetings will be located at the Tri-County North Lewisburg Community Center, 261 E. Clay Street, at 6:30 p.m.  The meetings will include discussions on the various activities and events that will be planned for the duration of the celebration, and we would like to have businesses and organizations, as well as any individual from the community  join in to make this celebration successful.  This would be a voluntary group of people who seek to focus on Lewisburg’s history, as well as the new developments that have taken place since the Centseptuaquintennial Celebration in 1993.  We as a group are striving to build our community, and keep making Lewisburg the best it can be.  Your participation will help preserve the milestones and memories made for generations to come.   


If you have any questions or would like to contribute to this upcoming 2018 Celebration, please contact the 2018 Bicentennial Committee President, Pam Baker at (937) 962-2190, or you may contact Jeff Sewert, Vice President and Municipal Manager for the Village of Lewisburg at (937) 962-4377.  In addition, we are asking that if you are interested and would like to be involved, to please provide your contact information, most importantly your e-mail address and phone number.  This will enable us to provide everyone with the same information via e-mail, keeping everyone on the same page and in close contact when it comes to updates, upcoming meetings, etc. 

Thank you, 

Board of Directors


Fundraising, Advertising/Flyers  Website (Commemorative Gold Coin, Wooden Nickel, T-shirts, Afghan, Flag, Monopoly Game, Horn Books, Wooden Blocks, etc.
E-mail Address
 Phone Number
Pam Baker, Chairperson
Mindy Harry
Josh Harry
(937) 962-2190
(937) 336-1230
(937) 336-1231

Marketing, Public Relation, Newsletter, Memorabilia (Tumbler, Bicentennial Flags for Poles, post-it dispenser, Room Spray, etc.)

 E-mail Address
 Phone Number
Marsha Jones
Barb Foster
(937) 962-2136

History, Publication, Publishing, Bicentinnial History Booklet
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Angie Getter
Seth Schlotterbeck
Logan Justice
Rachel Davidson
Dianna Oda

(937) 572-4119
(937) 336-4136
(937) 962-2673, Ext.212
(937) 962-2377, Ext.201

Reenactments & Living History Projects, Time Capsule Display
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Diane Trittschuh
Everett Trittschuh
(937) 962-4044
Entertainment, Music, Plays (Assisting Lewisburg Historical Society on Reenactments and Living History Projects), Fireworks, Music, Plays, etc.
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Mark Madigan, Chairperson
Belinda Harry
Jodi Gray
Del Sewert

(937) 272-6480
(937) 962-2413

E-mail Address
Phone Number
Chad & Tracy Woodworth
Luke & Melanie Madigan
Bicentennial Cook Book,
Recipes, Bake Sale
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Diane Shrout
Dinah Clark
(937) 962-4224
(937) 962-2049
  E-mail Address
Phone Number
(937) 962-4224
Businesses, Downtown
 E-mail Address
 Phone Number
Todd Appledorn
 (937) 962-2677
Community Art & Youth - Janet Philpot & Judy Mayrer, Commnunity of Faith Church
Time Capsule Display - Historical Society
Countdown Clock - Jason Harry
Firefighter Day - BJ Sewert
Commemorative Room Spray - Lori Pheanis
Vetrans Appreciation Day - Park Harry
Car Show/Loy's - Todd Appledorn
Pet Pageant - Mars/Royal Canine
5K - Jessica Cherry

Soccer Tourney - Megan Evans
Firehouse Mural - Ed Wright, Ron Schaar
Senior Citizen Interviews - Belinda Harry (Chair), Brenda Gullickson

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