Lyric Movie Theatre, Town Hall, Lewisburg Ohio Board of Public Affairs 1926

Municipal Office

112 South Commerce Street, P.O. Box 697
Lewisburg, Ohio 45338
Phone: (937) 962-4377    Fax: (937) 962-2900
Open Daily 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

My husband “Pete” and I married in September of 1985 and purchased our home in Lewisburg in November of the same year.  We have two daughters, a son, four grandsons, two granddaughters, a great grandson, great granddaughter and Golden Retriever “Daisy Mae”.

I am a lifelong resident of Lewisburg with a desire to serve our community.  I graduated from Twin Valley North High School, attended Wright State University and obtained numerous business and health-related certifications.   My career has been with Cargill Premix and Nutrition since 1990 as Supply Chain Process Improvement.

I have been a Village Council Member since 2010 serving as Village Council President, on the Ways and Means Committee and as Council Representative to the Lewisburg Zoning Board.  I have been a Trustee and Fund Raising Chairperson for the Tri-County North Community Association since 2010, a member of Lewisburg Area Alumni Scholarship Selection Committee, a Board member of Lewisburg Historical Society and serve on the Bicentennial Marketing Committee.  I enjoy working with Lewisburg Neighbor Night, the Area Council of Churches Food Bank and participating in Brown Memorial Library Book Discussion.

I respect and appreciate the Administrative team leading our village and intend to offer my capabilities to advance our town towards excellence.  The opportunity to travel outside our community has offered an enlightening perspective to our possibilities.  While traveling through North America and Western Europe, I observed various lifestyles.  I realize the potential of our village.  Communities that have a balance of work, recreation and socialization stood out as being healthy and fulfilled.

The local economy and availability of services to our citizens is a primary focus.  I look forward to contributing to the vitalization of local economic development.  Lewisburg is situated in a prime location to grow at a managed pace while maintaining the charm and quality of life sought in villages our size.  Preservation of our proud history and plentiful resources for today and the future is a priority. 

My goal is to efficiently respond to our diverse citizens with positive, effective resolution to enhance their daily lives.  I welcome residents and visitors with hospitality to cooperatively benefit our community.

The Village of Lewisburg has a sound foundation with many organizations that step up to fulfill needs in our town.  I would like to build on these solid ethics to make Lewisburg a safe, healthy and desirable place to live, work, play and visit.

I am honored to serve as Mayor of the Village of Lewisburg.  We invite you to visit our village and join in our 200th birthday celebration!